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Detailed Product Description
Washington, D.C., Office of Polar Programs, 1977. 216 pp, b/w illustrations, photos. Larger softcover journal. Near Fine.

Dick, E.C.; Mandel, A.D.; Warshauer, D.M.; Conklin, S.C.; Jerde, R.S.
Respiratory virus transmission at McMurdo Station: isolation of rhinoviruses from common colds during the winter fly-in period, 1976
p. 2-3

Dick, E.C.
Lack of increased susceptibility to colds in the McMurdo winter parties of 1975 and 1976
p. 3-5

Flynn, T.C.; Fusch, L.W.; Dick, E.C.
Colds and immunity in the 77 winter personnel at McMurdo Station and Scott Base, 1976
p. 5-6

Dailey, M.D.
Disease as a cause of natural mortality in some Antarctic whale stocks and parasites as potential biological tags
p. 6

Zapol, W.M.
Awake breath-hold diving in the Weddell Seal
p. 7

Kooyman, G.L.; Billups, J.O.; Davis, R.W.; Castellini, M.A.
Diving behavior of fur seals, «Arctocephalus gazella,» and king penguins, «Aptenodytes Patagonica,» near South Georgia Island
p. 8

DeMaster, D.; Kuechle, V.; Thimas, J.; Rongstad, O.
Colonial behavior of Antarctic marine mammals in eastern McMurdo Sound
p. 8-9

Siniff, D.B.; Stirling, I.; Bengtson, J.L.; Reichle, R.A.
Biota of the Antarctic pack ice: R/V «Hero» cruise 76-6
p. 10-11

Webb, P.N.; Leckie, R.M.
“Complete" seal carcass at Lake Miers, Miers Valley
p. 11-12

Müller-Schwarze, D.; Trivelpiece, W.; Volkman, N.J.
Behavioral and ecological adaptations in pygoscelid penguins
p. 12-13

Todd, F.S.
Permanent breeding colony of high Antarctic penguins for research and education
p. 13-14

Kooyman, G.L.; Castellini, M.A.; Davis, R.W.
Blood characteristics related to oxygen carrying capacity in birds from South Georgia Island
p. 14

Jehl, J.R., Jr.
Ornithological research between Argentina and South Georgia
p. 14-15

Ainley, D.G.; Boekelheide, R.J.
Seabirds in Antarctic marine ecosystems
p. 15-16

Parmelee, D.; Fraser, W.; Glass, B.; Neilson, D.
Ecological and behavioral adaptations to Antarctic environments
p. 17

DeVries, A.L.
Role of glycoprotein and peptide antifreezes in the survival of polar fishes
p. 17-18

McCleave, J.D.; Dearborn, J.H.; DeWitt, H.H.
Ecology of benthic fishes and echinoderms along the Scotia Arc and the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 19-20

Dayton, P.K.; Oliver, J.S.
Processes organizing contrasting benthic communities of McMurdo Sound
p. 20-21

Barsdate, R.J.; Alexander, V.
Effects of ice facies on small scale oceanic phenomena: R/V «Hero» Cruise 77-1
p. 21-23

Howell, L.W., Jr.; Krutchkoff, R.G.; Parker, B.C.
Ecosystem studies and mathematical model for Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, southern Victoria Land
p. 23-24

Parker, B.C.; Ford, A.B.; Allnutt, T.; Bishop, B.; Wendt, S.
Baseline microbiological data for soils of the Dufek Massif
p. 24-26

Friedmann, E.I.
Microorganisms in antarctic desert rocks from dry valleys and Dufek Massif
p. 26-29

Holm-Hansen, O.; Azam, F.; Carlucci, A.F.; Hodson, R.E.; Karl, D.M.
Microbial distribution and activity in and around McMurdo Sound
p. 29-32

Lipps, J.H.; DeLaca, T.E.
Ross Ice Shelf Project--benthic biology, 1976-1977
p. 32-33

Green, K.A.
Ecosystem modeling for the southern ocean
p. 34-35

El-Sayed, S.Z.; Taguchi, S.
Phytoplankton studies in the water column and in the pack ice of the Weddell Sea
p. 35-37

Finger, K.L.
Foraminiferal species obtained by R/V «Hero» from Deception Island, 1971-1976
p. 37-39

Landrum, B.J.
Studies in polar biology
p. 39-40

Foster, T.D.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition, 1977
p. 40-41

Michel, R.L.; Jackson, T.L.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition, 1976: tritium results
p. 41-43

Jacobs, S.S.
Ross Ice Shelf Project: physical oceanography
p. 43-46

Foster, T.D.; Bruchhausen, P.
Oceanographic observations near the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf in McMurdo Sound
p. 46-48

Robinson, E.S.; Neuburg, H.A.C.; Williams, R.T.; Whitehurst, B.B.; Moss, G.E.
Provisional cotidal charts for the southern Ross Sea
p. 48

Whitworth, T.
p. 48-50

Hayes, S.P.; Zenk, W.
Moored temperature time series in the Polar Front Zone during FDRAKE, 1976
p. 50-51

Joyce, T.M.; Patterson, S.L.
Stirring processes within the Antarctic Polar Front Zone
p. 51-53

Emery, W.J.; Savchenko, V.G.; Gordon, L.I.
Soviet-American research aboard RV «Professor Zubov»
p. 52-54

Emery, W.J.
Temperature sections from supply vessels
p. 56-57

Spillane, M.
Effect of meridional circulation in large scale current topography interactions
p. 57-58

Reid, J.L.
Deep currents in the northwestern part of the Argentine Basin
p. 58

Boltovskoy, D.
ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 6 in the Argentine Basin
p. 59-60

Gordon, A.L.; LaBrecque, J.
«Islas Orcadas» cruise 12: Cape Town to Buenos Aires
p. 60-63

Sclater, J.G.
«Islas Orcadas» cruise 11, Buenos Aires to Cape Town
p. 62-65

Ciesielski, P.F.; Sliter, W.V.; Wind, F.H.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Cretaceous «Islas Orcadas» core from the Falkland (Malvinas) Plateau, southwest Atlantic
p. 65-67

Wise, S.W., Jr.; Ciesielski, P.F.
Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic history of the eastern Falkland (Malvinas) Plateau based on piston and drill cores
p. 67-70

Ciesielski, P.F.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Basal sediment ages of «Islas Orcadas» cruise 7 piston cores
p. 70-72

Kennett, J.P.
Deep sea drilling contributions to studies of the evolution of the southern ocean and antarctic glaciation
p. 72-75

Cassidy, D.S.; Shepley, S.
Core recovery: USNS «Eltanin» and ARA «Islas Orcadas»
p. 75-76

Kovach, J.; Faure, G.
Strontium isotopic study of sediment from the Ross Sea
p. 77-78

Zemmels, I.
Sedimentary geochemical processes near the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
p. 78-79

Hearn, P.P.; Siegel, F.R.; Pierce, J.W.
Mineralogy and major element chemistry of suspended sediments from the Chilean archipelago: R/V «Hero» cruise 76-4
p. 79-81

Hotchkiss, F.H.C.
Antarctic and southernmost South American fossil echinoids
p. 81

Kellogg, T.B.; Stuiver, M.; Kellogg, D.E.; Denton, G.H.
Marine microfossils on the McMurdo Ice Shelf
p. 82-83

Cassidy, D.S.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1976-1977
p. 83-84

Craddock, C.; Webers, G.F.
Geology of the Ellsworth Mountains to Thiel Mountains ridge
p. 85

Wade, F.A.
Geology of Queen Maud Mountains and Marie Byrd Land
p. 85-86

Grew, E.S.
With the Soviets in Antarctica, austral summer 1976-1977
p. 86-88

Ford, A.B.
Geological comparison of the Shackleton Range and the Pensacola Mountains during the 22nd Soviet Antarctic Expedition
p. 88-90

Ford, A.B.; Carlson, C.; Czamanske, G.K.; Nelson, W.H.; Nutt, C.J.
Geological studies of the Dufek intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, 1976-1977
p. 90-92

England, A.W.; Nelson, W.H.
Geophysical studies of the Dufek intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica, 1976-1977
p. 93-94

Stump, E.
Metamorphic basement rocks, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 94-95

Nagata, T.
Japanese scientific activities in the McMurdo region, 1976-1977
p. 95-96

Cassidy, W.A.
Antarctic search for meteorites
p. 96-98

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Geologic studies in the South Orkney Islands: R/V «Hero» Cruise 77-1, January 1977
p. 98-101

LeMasurier, W.E.
Marie Byrd Land volcanology
p. 101-102

Treves, S.B.
Geology of some volcanic rocks from the Ross Island, Mount Morning and southern Victoria Land areas
p. 104-105

Bockheim, J.G.
Soil development in the Taylor Valley and McMurdo Sound area
p. 105-108

Ervin, C.P.; Wolf, M.G.
Ground magnetic studies of volcanic rocks in the Taylor and Wright Valleys region
p. 105

Kyle, P.R.
Petrogenesis of Ferrar Group rocks
p. 108-110

Schopf, J.M.
Coal forming elements in permineralized peat from Mountain Augusta (Queen Alexandra Range)
p. 110-112

Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.; Crisler, K.
Resource and radioactivity survey in southern Victoria Land
p. 112-113

Washburn, A.L.
Analysis of permafrost cores from antarctic dry valleys
p. 113-115

McGinnis, L.D.; Osby, D.R.
Logging summary of the Dry Valley Drilling Project
p. 115-117

Brady, H.T.
Freshwater lakes in Pleistocene McMurdo Sound
p. 117-118

Colbert, E.H.
Cynodont reptiles from the Triassic of Antarctica
p. 119-120

Webers, G.F.
Paleontological investigations in the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica
p. 120-121

Tasch, P.
Intercontinental correlation by conchostracans and palynomorphs from Antarctica, western Australia, India, and Africa
p. 121

Kyle, R.A.; Schopf, J.M.
Palynomorph preservation in the Beacon Supergroup of the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 121-122

Brady, H.T.
«Thalassiosira torokina» n.sp. (diatom) and its significance in Late Cenozoic biostratigraphy
p. 122-123

Brady, H.T.
Extraction of diatoms from glacial sediments
p. 123-124

Slichter, L.B.
Search at South Pole for the pendulum mode of the earth's inner core
p. 124-125

Angino, E.E.; Zeller, E.J.
Burial of high level radioactive wastes
p. 125

MacDonald, W.R.
Antarctic cartography
p. 125-127

Stuiver, M.; Denton, G.H.
Glacier history of the McMurdo Sound region
p. 128-130

Raymond, C.
Finite element calculation of ice deformation
p. 130-131

Risebrough, R.W.
Investigations at dome C in the austral summer of 1976-1977
p. 131-132

Parker, B.C.; Zeller, E.J.; Heiskell, L.E.; Thompson, W.J.
Nitrogen in south polar ice and snow: tool to measure past solar, auroral, and cosmic ray activities
p. 133-134

Lettau, H.
Thermal response to albedo reduction on antarctic snow--modeling results
p. 134-136

Thompson, E.M.; Thompson, L.G.
Microparticle analysis of the 101-meter South Pole ice core
p. 136-137

Kovacs, A.; Gow, A.J.
Dielectric constant and reflection coefficient of the snow surface and near-surface internal layers in the McMurdo Ice Shelf
p. 137-138

Kukla, G.J.
Antarctic pack ice cover variations
p. 138-140

Kovacs, A.
Iceberg thickness profiling using an impulse radar
p. 140-142

Clough, J.W.
Ross Ice Shelf Project, 1976-1977
p. 142

Bentley, C.R.; Jezek, K.C.
Ross Ice Shelf geophysical survey, 1976-1977
p. 142-144

Thomas, R.H.; MacAyeal, D.R.
Glaciological measurements on the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 144-145

Stauffer, B.; Moell, M.
Geochemical and isotope studies, Ross Ice Shelf Project
p. 145-146

Kovacs, A.; Gow, A.J.
Subsurface measurements of the Ross Ice Shelf, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 146-148

Kohnen, H.; Bentley, C.R.
Ultrasonic measurements on ice cores from Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, drill hole
p. 148-150

Rand, J.H.
Ross Ice Shelf Project drilling, October-December 1976
p. 150-152

Langway, C.C., Jr.; Herron, M.M.
Polar ice core analysis
p. 152-154

Langway, C.C., Jr.; Chiang, E.
Central ice core storage facility and information exchange
p. 154-156

Schwerdtfeger, W.
Temperature regime of the South Pole: results of 20 years' observations at Amundsen-Scott Station
p. 156-159

Peterson, J.T.; Szwarc, V.S.
Geophysical monitoring for climatic change at the South Pole
p. 159-160

Rasmussen, R.A.; Robinson, E.
Analysis of halocarbons in Antarctica
p. 160-161

Warburton, J.A.; Linkletter, G.O.
Atmosphere's role in chemical composition of Ross Ice Shelf snow
p. 161-162

Cobb, W.E.
Atmospheric electric measurements at the South Pole: the krypton-85 question
p. 162

Hofmann, D.J.
Measurements of trace gases and aerosols in the antarctic stratosphere
p. 162-164

Carroll, J.J.; Coulson, K.L.; Hamilton, R.H.; Jackson, B.
Atmospheric processes and energy transfers at the South Pole
p. 164-165

Smiley, V.N.; Morley, B.M.; Warburton, J.A.
Lidar and replication studies of ice crystal precipitation at the South Pole
p. 166-167

Neff, W.D.; Ramm, H.E.; Hall, F.F., Jr.
Acoustic sounder operations at South Pole Station
p. 167-168

Greenler, R.
Optical effects resulting from airborne ice crystals
p. 168-170

Parish, T.; Schwerdtfeger, W.
Cold, low-level jet stream in the Bransfield Strait: an example of inertial flow
p. 171-172

Ackley, S.F.
Sea ice studies in the Weddell Sea region aboard USCGC «Burton Island»
p. 172-173

Warburton, J.A.
Air-sea interaction studies using an X-band radar at Palmer Station
p. 174-175

Franceschini, G.A.
Solar radiation measurements in the Weddell Sea, 1977
p. 175

Franceschini, G.A.
Seasonal variation of incident solar radiation over the South Atlantic Ocean
p. 175-177

Katsufrakis, J.
Experiment communication and data transmission through the ATS-3 synchronous satellite
p. 178-180

Helliwell, R.A.; Katsufrakis, J.P.; Park, C.G.; Carpenter, D.L.
Siple/Roberval VLF transmitting experiments
p. 180-182

Rosenberg, T.J.
Electron precipitation associated with very low frequency chorus and thunderstorm electric fields
p. 182

Balsley, B.B.; Ecklund, W.L.; Carter, D.A.
Dual coherent auroral radar observations from Siple Station, Antarctica
p. 183-184

Arnoldy, R.L.; Lewis, P.B., Jr.; Cahill, L.J., Jr.
Polarization studies of Siple-Roberval Pc 1 micropulsations
p. 184-186

Dudeney, J.R.; Jones, T.B.
Simultaneous occurrence of short period ionospheric and magnetic oscillations in Antarctica
p. 189-191

Heacock, R.R.
Signatures of magnetic field pulsation activity
p. 191-193

Wood, J.D.; Johnson, R.N.
Magnetospheric dynamics programs at Vostok Station
p. 194

Chivers, H.J.A.
High-latitude ionospheric absorption
p. 194-195

Akasofu, S.-I.
Auroras in the cusp region
p. 195-196

Barcus, J.R.
Rocket measurements of energy deposition in the atmosphere by auroral X-rays
p. 196-198

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Cosmic ray intensity variations
p. 198-199

Clynch, J.R.; Supp, H.L.; Tucker, A.J.
Radio scintillation studies
p. 199-200

Wilson, C.R.
Auroral infrasonic waves observed at Windless Bight, Antarctica
p. 200-202

Thuronyi, G.T.
Language distribution of Antarctic literature
p. 202-203

Betzel, A.F.
Conceptual design of a polar research ship
p. 203-204

Dudley-Hart, P.; Yung, A.; Parodi, R.
Improvement of scientific systems aboard ARA «Islas Orcadas»
p. 205-206

Warburton, J.A.
Satellite link between Palmer Station and Nevada
p. 206

Kosar, W.S.
Research-configured LC-130R airplane
p. 206-207

Murphy, R.L.
Contractor support
p. 207-208

Desko, D.A.
Air operations, «Deep Freeze» '77
p. 209-210

Swyers, H.M.
Public works, «Deep Freeze» '77
p. 210-211

Bellafronto, R.L.
Aircraft salvage at dome C
p. 211-212

Eckman, J.F.
Ship operations, «Deep Freeze» '77
p. 212-213

Englebretson, R.E.
Operational meteorology, «Deep Freeze» '77
p. 214

Kazarian, R.
Media representatives in Antarctica
p. 215

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