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Chessler Books 1984-2021
37 Years of Mountaineering Books
Over 500,000 books sold since 1984

Chessler Books, who we are and what we do.

Welcome to Chessler Books. For 35 years we have been perhaps the most trusted and complete bookshop and website to find books on Mountaineering.  In the the USA and in the world.

If you read or collect books on rock or mountain climbing we are the answer to your dreams. Even spending just a short time browsing our titles will show you that this website is a labor of love. We don't limit our selection to only expensive and rare books, or just modern books or bargain books. We carry almost all the in-print climbing books from both America and England, and many out-of-print titles as well. 

We have available thousands of books from the recent and ancient past. Most mountaineering books are out-of-print, as only 10-20 new titles get first published each year. We often have one or two copies of the old books.   We get in new stock continually and have excellent connections to replace many rare items.

One of our best sources of books is buying complete book collections from our older customers who are selling off their shelves of books that in many cases they bought from us 35 years ago. 

On the top of every page are 45 red and green tabs. The RED TABS  are those that are visited the most.  Obviously books marked $20 & LESS, AUTOGRAPHED, K2, EVEREST, GUIDEBOOKS, RARE & USED, and SALE  are bound to have interesting books for almost everybody.

For the last six years we have been having an on-going SALE on almost everything we have, as I (Michael Chessler) am  in my seventies so it is time for us clean house. To our surprise these last six years have been among the most successful we have ever had. We were able to empty our warehouse which filled a 24' x 8'  storage unit, plus our bursting bookstore shelves suddenly became 75% empty!

A year ago we let the world know that we were buying books again.  Since January 2020 we have purchased thousands of books in a dozen book collections here in Colorado and all over the USA.  Despite the forces against doing this, such as the pandemic, we are having our best year this century!

So please enjoy browsing this website. If you do not find what you are looking for, phone or email us, and allow us to help you find anything not listed. 


Michael Chessler

Many of our best books are not on our website for long

Every week we send our customers an emailed list of our newly listed books. Please sign up for our mailing list (see below) as there is no other way to know what we are putting on sale, or when we are sending emails. Customer response has been terrific.

The only way to get the great books at bargain prices is to get our emails. Many books sell out within 12 hours!

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We have a gigantic stock of mountaineering books, mostly used, and many new as well. Also, thousands of our books are autographed by the great names of 20th century mountaineering.

We also have hundreds of rock climbing and mountaineering guidebooks both new and historical, back issues of climbing magazines and club journals, topographic maps of the world's mountains, rare collectible maps, older climbing hardware, old fashioned nailed boots, vintage wood handled ice axes, ephemera such as flyers and menus, climbing art, rare photographs, mountain posters, 19th century lithographs, climber's and author's signatures, plus older books on skiing, Polar Exploration, Tibet, adventure travel, California History and similar subjects. We are now liquidating this climbing book and collectibles bonanza at prices unseen since the 1960s. Please get on our mailing list!

Michael Chessler

If you click on the SALE buttons on top and lower left side of every page, almost every sale item will show. There is also a separate Sale category that is for titles priced at $20 or less.

If you need help or have a question, just e-mail or call us. Contacts are on the lower left of this page.

We Ship Orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays 


"How can we prove that the signatures on our 
Books and Ice Axes are real?" 
Here is the evidence, with many of the culprits, caught on camera with PEN IN HAND!  The photos were all taken by Michael Chessler or an assistant.
Photos are copyright by Michael Chessler.

The photo above is the first time I, Michael Chessler, met Sir Edmund Hillary. It was in the early 1990s and he actually came to our bookshop, then in Kittredge Colorado. We met with him many times for the next 20 years, when he would autograph books & ice axes for our bookshop. We also went to meet him, in NYC, LA, SF, Banff, and several times to Auckland. He was always very nice to us, and we are proud to have known him. And yes, we made contributions to the Sir Edmund Hillary Himalayan Trust every time we met him.
Above is Ed Hillary in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, just after New Zealand honored him by putting his image on the $5 NZ currency. Knowing that Hillary would be asked to autograph the bills, the NZ Parliament passed a law allowing him to do so, because it was defacing the currency! We bought our first lot of $5 bills at the best place to buy NZ money in LA, at the currency exchange window at Pre-TSA LAX of course!

The amazing Alex Honnold in November 2015.  Those pitons were all for sale, signed by Alex, on this website. Everything he signed that day has been sold.
Babu Chirri Sherpa, who held the record for ten Everest ascents, and fastest climb from Bascamp to Summit, under 17 hours.
Hot Henry Barber. One of the very few climbers whose personal style and superb ability changed and upgraded how everybody after him climbed. I even adopted a delightful habit of his, that he must have picked up on his famous world tour in the seventies. Emulating Henry, I now sign my name with a British "Cheers. " 
Chris Bonington, signing books al fresco. His Everest expeditions were often 
done in a grand style that reminded one of the British Raj on Tiger safari.
The Man. 
The Austro-Hungarian Empire. My wife Heinke Forfota was Hungarian, and Kurt Diemberger is Austrian. They loved to chat in German.
Heinrich Harrer, a climber who had the nose for finding the best unclimbed peaks and routes in the world. Also, can you believe, the Austrian golf champion too!
Tomaz Humar. A sweet person, this was in Snowbird in 2002 
the week before the Utah Winter Olympics.
Jamling Tenzing, showing me his father's (Tenzing Norgay) Porter Book. The book is signed by Tilman, Shipton, Ruttledge, Lambert, Denman, etc. I offered him a joking $100 for it.
Goran Kropp. On his one and only book tour. His slide 
show was the funniest performance I have ever seen!
Jeff Lowe. One of America's greatest ice climbers.  
Royal Robbins and Tom Frost. Nothing else needs to be said.
Pete Schoening. He and Andy Kauffman made the first ascent of Gasherbrum I, Hidden Peak. America's only time making a first ascent of an 8000 meter peak.  He also saved his whole team, seven lives in one belay, on K2 in 1953.

Madhav Lal Tabdar, Bradford and Barbara Washburn, Roger Bilham, Buddhi Narayan Shrestha. 
Brad was a legendary mountaineer, pioneer of Alaska climbing. Photo taken about 1989.
Barbara made the first female ascent of Denali in June 1947. 
Roger Bilham is Colorado University Professor Emeritus, and a Senior Research Scientist in Geological Sciences CIRES
The man on the left, Madhav Lal Tabdar, was Nepal Government Secretary, Ministry of Land Reform & Management.
The gentleman man next to Brad is Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, who was Director General of the Government Survey Department of Nepal.
The photograph was taken after the signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between the Nepal government and the University of Colorado, Boulder, to launch the GPS survey in Nepal to strengthen the geodetic co-ordinate network of Nepal.
Jim Whittaker, with Michael Chessler. Jim's real accomplishment was being only the 10th person to summit Everest (he says he was 7th!), not the first American part.
Jim Wickwire, with Michael Chessler. Jim was one of the first Americans to climb K2, along with John Roskelley, Rick Ridgeway, and the strong and silent Louis Reichardt.
Reinhold Messner in our bookshop. More than anybody, he
created and nurtured high standard and ethical alpinism
in the high mountains of the world. Has anybody ever lived
their life so fully to the brim (and the edge) as he has?
David Breashears. A rock climber phenom who made the transition to Everest climber and film-maker.
Conrad Anker. A great rock climber who learned how to use an ice axe and crampons.  It's so wonderful to see a self-effacing guy like Conrad become so successful in his business, avocation and private lives. 
Ed Hillary, in our bookshop in the 1990s. We met with him fifteen times in the 1990s and 2000s.
Fred Beckey, whose very name symbolizes the freedom
of climbing
and the climbing life-style.

Jon Krakauer. His book Into Thin Air gave an unexpected boost to climbing. Another quiet, self effacing climber who made the big-time.
Maurice Herzog. See how he grips a pen with no fingers!
His handwriting was actually be excellent and readable!
What a great life he lived!

All above photos, and all photos on this website, are copyright by Michael Chessler.


Check Out These Great Titles:
(Click On Image Or Title To View Details)
CARAVANS TO TARTARY Roland and Sabrina Michaud 1990 Paperback Near Fine
By: Michaud, Roland; and Sabrina    Price $9.99 ~ List Price $17.95, You Save $7.96
LA CONQUISTA DEL K2: SECONDA CIMA DEL MONDO [Ascent of K2] Ardito Desio 1st Italian Edition Hardcover DJ Fine SIGNED by Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni
By: Desio, Ardito    Price $675.00
NORSK FJELLSPORT 1948 [Norwegian Mountain Sports 1948] Norsk Tindeklub 1948 Hardcover DJ Near Fine
By: Norsk Tindeklub    Price $19.99 ~ List Price $99.95, You Save $79.96
CLIMB TO THE LOST WORLD. Hamish MacInnes 1974 1st UK ed Hardcover DJ Fine 4 Copies Available
By: MacInnes, Hamish    Price $19.99 ~ List Price $40.00, You Save $20.01
SEITENPFADE UM SAAS-FEE [SIDE PATHS AROUND SAAS-FEE] Oskar Eckstein 1934 2nd ed Hardcover Near Fine
By: Eckstein, Oskar    Price $19.00 ~ List Price $49.95, You Save $30.95
WATKINS' LAST EXPEDITION F. Spencer Chapman 1938 Hardcover No DJ Near Fine
By: Chapman, F. Spencer    Price $19.00 ~ List Price $99.95, You Save $80.95
THE CONQUEST OF THE NEW ZEALAND ALPS Samuel Turner 1922 1st UK ed Hardcover Near Fine 3 copies available
By: Turner, Samuel    Price $34.95 ~ List Price $250.00, You Save $215.05
THE SHISHAPANGMA EXPEDITION. Doug Scott and Alex MacIntyre 1984 1st US ed Hardcover DJ Fine Multiple Copies Available
By: Scott, Doug and Alex MacIntyre    Price $19.99 ~ List Price $75.00, You Save $55.01
EVEREST: MOUNTAIN WITHOUT MERCY 1997 1st ed Hardcover DJ Fine SIGNED by Broughton Coburn and INSCRIBED by Jamling Tenzing
By: Coburn, Broughton    Price $45.00 ~ List Price $75.00, You Save $30.00
By: Ridgeway, Rick    Price $25.00 ~ List Price $50.00, You Save $25.00
THE MATTERHORN Guido Rey 1907 1st US ed Large Format Hardcover Very Good
By: Rey, Guido    Price $149.00 ~ List Price $450.00, You Save $301.00
MOUNTAIN RECREATION Bruce Jenkinson 1976 1st ed Hardcover DJ Fine
By: Jenkinson, Bruce    Price $4.99 ~ List Price $20.00, You Save $15.01
ARABIAN SANDS Wilfred Thesiger 1984 2nd US ed Hardcover DJ Fine
By: Thesiger, Wilfred    Price $19.99 ~ List Price $75.00, You Save $55.01
By: Summers, Julie    Price $69.00 ~ List Price $99.95, You Save $30.95
THE SPRINGS OF ADVENTURE Wilfrid Noyce 1958 1st UK ed Hardcover DJ Fine 2 Copies Available
By: Noyce, Wilfrid    Price $9.99 ~ List Price $35.00, You Save $25.01
SHACKLETON'S BOAT JOURNEY F. A. Worsley 1977 1st edition Hardcover DJ Fine
By: Worsley, F. A. Narrative introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary    Price $39.99 ~ List Price $99.95, You Save $59.96
REGARDS VERS L'ANNAPURNA [MEMORIES OF ANNAPURNA] 1951 1st ed Softcover Near Fine SIGNED by Maurice Herzog
By: Herzog, Maurice and Marcel Ichac    Price $79.99 ~ List Price $250.00, You Save $170.01
THE INNOCENT ON EVEREST Izzard 1954 1st US ed Hardcover DJ Very Good [Not Signed]
By: Izzard, Ralph    Price $19.99 ~ List Price $35.00, You Save $15.01
By: Salisbury, Richard and Elizabeth Hawley    Price $39.95 ~ List Price $60.00, You Save $20.05
EVEREST: THE HISTORY OF THE HIMALAYAN GIANT Roberto Mantovani 1997 1st UK ed Hardcover DJ Fine SIGNED by 11: Breashears, Bonington, Webster, Hornbein, Diemberger, Messner, Morrow, Tabei, Wielicki, Karo and Babu Chiri Sherpa
By: Mantovani, Roberto and Kurt Diemberger    Price $329.99 ~ List Price $499.95, You Save $169.96
CORDILLERA BLANCA 1964 SEATTLE EXPEDITION Hans Zogg 1964 1st ed Paperback Near Fine Very Scarce
By: Zogg, Hans, etc.    Price $129.99 ~ List Price $300.00, You Save $170.01
ALTAI-HIMALAYA: A TRAVEL DIARY Nicholas Roerich 1929 1st UK ed Hardcover No DJ Near Fine [Not Signed]
By: Roerich, Nicholas    Price $55.00 ~ List Price $75.00, You Save $20.00
EVEREST: THE BEST WRITING AND PICTURES FROM SEVENTY YEARS OF HUMAN ENDEAVOUR Peter Gillman 1993 1st ed Hardcover DJ Fine Multiple Copies Available
By: Gillman, Peter (Editor)    Price $49.99 ~ List Price $69.95, You Save $19.96
MY LIFE OF ADVENTURE Norman Vaughan 1995 1st ed Hardcover DJ Fine SIGNED by Vernon Tejas
By: Vaughan, Norman and Cecil Murphey    Price $19.00 ~ List Price $40.00, You Save $21.00

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