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We Buy Mountaineering Books!

We buy used books, but not everything. We are concentrating on REDUCING our book stock, not increasing it. This is true for most used booksellers.

Please read below for what we do and do not want.

By the way, we did not make these rules, you did. Currently the internet has made cheap books cheaper, so we are selling our inexpensive books REAL CHEAP and not replacing them.

We do buy individual or collections of books like the ones on this website. That means books on Mountaineering, Rock Climbing or Exploration, Tibet, the Himalaya, some Arctic and Antarctic, and some true adventure. We prefer hardcovers, the older the better, preferably with Dust Jackets, in nice condition.  We like Signed books, old Climbing Guidebooks, and generally books that we sell for more than $50.
Offer us older books. We do not buy most recent books, published since 1970! Right now they are too common and cheap. If our retail price is $10, we ain't gonna buy yours.
Offer us your better books. Please do not offer us books that we sell for less than $25. We usually do not buy books that were published since we started selling books in 1984. Many recent books (published during our lifetime) are now fairly common and have low value these days.  We don't buy most paperbacks, or books in poor condition. Demand and prices are too low.
Do not offer magazines and journals such as Alpinist, Climbing, Rock & Ice, Summit or Mountain. We may buy American Alpine Journals between 1929 and 1960, and we need almost none between 1961 and 2016. We do buy full sets. Young climbers in the 21st century are not interested in how our generation broke the 5.9 barrier.
If you have one book or one thousand books on mountaineering that you care to sell, please call us at 303 670-0093, or e-mail us at .  We need to talk on the phone as it is much better than e-mails. If you have made a list of your books, please e-mail it to us. If you have a few, simply tell us the titles on the phone. Don't start making a list until we talk.
If your collection is large and valuable, we may fly or drive to your home to pick it up. We have done this dozens of times over the last forty years. We pay generously for Fine collections, and we can do all the work. All you have to do is deposit our check!