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We Buy Mountaineering Books!

We Buy Mountaineering Books!

We buy collections or individual books like the ones on this website. That means books on Mountaineering, Rock Climbing or Exploration, Tibet, the Himalaya, The Arctic and Antarctic, and true adventure.  We prefer hardcovers, the older the better, with Dust Jackets, in nice condition. We like Signed books, old climbing guidebooks, and generally books that we sell for more than $50.
Whether you have 5 or 500 books to sell, please call us before you make a list, at 303 670-0093, or e-mail us at We need to talk on the phone as it is much better than e-mails. If you have already made a list of your books, please e-mail it to us. But don't start making a list until we talk. 
If your collection is very large, we will even fly or drive to your home to pick it up. We have done this dozens of times over 35 years. We pay generously for fine collections, and we can do all the work.

We do not buy paperbacks, recent books, books in poor condition, magazines, and books that we would price under $50.  We buy older books, books in nice condition, and uncommon books.

Here are some hints on packing books for shipping:

Pack books tight in a sturdy well taped box with crushed newspaper so they wont move, and also between the books and the box walls so they don't get damaged. Use lots of tape on the box outside edges and folds. If the books have dust jackets wrap each book so the jackets don't get damaged. Send them by Media Rate, the PO will try to upsell you to a faster service which is a rip off.

Insure for the minimum only, as the PO never loses insured packages, and they also never pay for high value losses! Keep the boxes light, or rather not heavy, between 20 and 30 lbs. UPS and FedEx ground are premium services for expensive books only, and in our experience they are not much better than Post Office Media Rate that costs only 35% of UPS's cheapest rate. However, UPS will pick up at your house if you are unable to carry boxes to the Post Office or Office Depot.

A Hint on Taking Photos of Your Books

If you do not have a list, an easy way to let us know what you have is to take photos and email them to us. Here is an example of some books that a fellow had stored in a box, and was able to send us a close, well lit, and large and very readable image of some books to offer us. (We did buy them.)

偽物ブランド ブランドルイヴィトンコピー