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Privacy & Security

Why open an account with Chessler Books?

Having an acct allows you to order without retyping your name address and CC number every time you order, making typos, etc. The info is in my computer, why not use it to make your life  and my life easier?  That  is how amazon works, and everybody else. We dropped our 800 number some years ago because the new way is better than the old way.

To be more secure you may feel that you should phone or email an order. But that is a pain for you and me, takes time, and creates an area to introduce errors. And it takes time. Computers make life easier if you let them. The only good part about the phone is the ability to talk, chat, enjoy each others company. And people who call me often enjoy talking to me, and vice versa.

I know some folks think that there is some benefit in avoiding having an account with another website.  But that's not how it works.

No matter what you do, if you place an order on a website your info is recorded in our or their computer.  So when the Russians and Romanians are done with hacking the CIA and get around to mining Chessler Books they will get your number no matter what you or I do.

However, they probably will not hack our website, they will get somebody bigger, as the payoff is much greater. You never hear of small websites being hacked. Its always some company that has 30 million credit cards.

Of course, what is unsaid is that some people think I, little old me, will do somethings to them by my having their account, password, credit card, etc. Well, guess what, I already have your CC number, and have for 35 years, so that is not happening.  If you don't trust me, just send me a check, money order or cash. That method worked well for many years and still does.

Also some may think I will send them too many emails. Well, I do send a lot of emails. Often three a week. Most people ignore them. If they really bothers you, unsubscribe. One click and you are off, and can never get on again!  You are LOCKED OUT!

In fact, most people realize that if they really want to get a chance at the good books they should be on my mailing list. So I had my programmer write a small app for me so I can manually reinstate people who foolishly deleted their names from our list.  I assure you that there are many people who like ..... love..... are addicted... to getting my emails. Mountain books are a part of their lives, and I help bring it to them. I am not selling time shares on a beach in Bulgaria. This is climbing books, not the Florida lottery.

My customers generally love getting my emails. I have some customers who buy from us every week. Quite a few spend hundreds of dollars each week or month. It is much more than entertainment. It is what some people do with the disposable part of their income and come back for more. So we know we are doing the right thing.

Also, the ordering/billing/website programs and the mailing list are not even connected!   Every week or two I use another custom app so I can scoop up all the emails from all the recent orders and I add the emails to my list, with the same fingers that are typing this windy essay. I copy and paste the new emails. The programs are unconnected.

There is only one way to be safe on the internet. Which is: ready for the truth?  Don't be on the internet.  Be a Ted Kaczynski. Don't use email, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Chessler, just stay off. If you spend money, go to the shop and pay cash. If you buy from some company too far to visit, tell them what you want and send them cash, or a money order, not a credit card, NEVER a debit card, and NOT a check on your checking account.  If you ever tell anybody anything you do not want the world to know, its too late. The world already knows it.

I wonder sometimes how the police know who looks at child pornography? Reading child porn is illegal in America.  Just to read and look, forget about creating it. What happened to Amendment 1?  Well, the police read your emails. How do they do that? I don't know, but it clearly violates Amendment 4, search. They don't ask for your permission, but they will send you to jail for reading kiddie porn. So if the cops are hacking your computer, its fair to assume the bad guys may hack it too.

So in the 37 years we have been selling books, and 22 years we have been using the internet, privacy and security have not been problem areas.  Having Amazon hack my listings on their website, get the books I had that they didn't know about, and then undersell me is a problem area. It is also a crime. 
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