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How to pay for your order

How to pay us for the items you want.

There are five secure ways to send us funds for an order.

1.  If the item you want is on our website, simply order it there. On our website we accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Our website uses secure technology to protect your information.

2.  You can e-mail us your credit card number and expiration date and 3-4 digit CVV number. For security you may want to put it into 2 e-mails.  Our e-mail address for orders is

3.  You can pay us with PayPal, our PayPal Name is

4.  You can phone us at  303 670-0093 between 10-5 Rocky Mountain Time with a credit card number.

5.   You may mail a check, money order or cash to Michael Chessler, PO Box 4359, Evergreen, CO 80437, USA. It is legal to mail cash.

6. For institutions:  we no longer accept purchase orders from schools, colleges, government agencies, libraries and businesses. We do not sell to climbing shops or climbing gyms. We do not send price quotations. If you want to know what we will charge you: we charge the price on our website to everybody, including other booksellers. We have reduced our prices a lot in the last ten years due to the internet, and are still reducing prices. Get on our email mailing list to receive weekly book offers.

Advice: If you having been looking for a book for several years, or all your life, and see it on our website, buy it even if it costs more than you expected. It may be expensive because it is desirable to other people than yourself. If you wait for it to come down in price, we may sell it and you may never get the book.

To summarize, we take accept PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover, US dollar checks and money orders and cash (US dollars only). It is legal in the USA to mail cash and some customers do that regularly. We do not accept bank transfers or Western Union type services. Paypal is the most secure method these days.

When you pay us........  please tell us what you are buying and give us your name and address again. We handle dozens of orders a day!

Please be sure to enclose proper postage, and 5% sales tax if the ''ship to'' address is in Colorado.