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Customer Feedback UPDATED 2024

If you want my personal opinion, as someone who has spent his life surrounding himself with the right books I consider bookselling to be a noble profession and a better past time than almost anything else. -- L.T. CA  (One of our computer programmers, not a customer.)

Mike: Thanks again for being a go-to source for all things climbing! --R.W. CA 2024

Mike.  I have been meaning to reply for some time but life always seems together in the way. I hope you like working with mountaineering books as much as I enjoy reading them.  I just wanted to say thanks for your continued service and the excellent service you provide. You always seem to be able to source excellent items to stimulate me and my reading/climbing interests.   I hope the up and coming political season does not offer you too much distraction. Stay cool. -- VW- NZ 2024

Hi Mike, Hope u are well. Thank u for making it easier and easier to unglue my face from my computer screen. The stuff from you is way more entertaining. Just thanks to the internet for making it possible: -- H.L. MI  2024

I think the main reason and very likely the biggest reason you have succeeded is that unlike many of your cohorts who tried to keep a storefront only, you adapted, and very quickly.  You went online with pretty much the best website any book dealer has, it is certainly the most user friendly.  -- C.K. Canada  2024

Nicest copy you have left please, and thank you for continuing to offer great mountaineering books. -- G.J.  WI  2024

Michael - You're busting my budget but I really can't pass these 2 books up. I saw the listing a couple days ago but been traveling and taking care of some issues, so when I took a 2nd look today and saw them listed, I had to pull the trigger. Best wishes for 2024, [Signed Harrer and Signed Chouinard books]  -- D.B. ME

Thanks for another great order at very nice prices, and have an excellent holiday. Much appreciated, -- E.J. WA  2023

Many thanks for all your catalogues and emails over the years, you’ve done a great service to the climbing community and to anyone interested in mountains and mountaineering. Much appreciated! --  DC  -- New Jersey

I have ordered many times over the years with you folks and have always been very happy. much appreciated.  -- D.D. -- Canada

Hey Michael,  Thanks for reaching out for your REI Member membership!  Membership number 68xxx. You have been a member since 1967, that is so awesome. Our members mean a lot to us and we're so glad you are a part of our co-op!   Stacy S.   REI Customer Service.  --  March 2022

Greetings Michael, Thank you very much for the excellent box of Mountain Magazine issues. I am very satisfied with the quality, price and number of issues you were able to provide. Please let me know if you should come across the following issues: 1-10, 12 and 19-20. -- K.G.  NM

Absolutely love this! I am a climber and love climbing history. I came across your page and so happy I did. -- D.F.  PA

Thank you, Michael, for offering this item. Regards, Dave. -- D.H. AL

Thanks so much Michael for continuing to offer wonderful books!!  -- I.G., R.I. 

Hi Michael: Thank you for offering these classic titles. Regards, -- D.H.  AL

Customer to us: Yes, but you make it so easy, and relatively painless…. Cheers!  --  T.M.  AK.  May 2021, (Pandemic starting to slow down)

(Note from us to customer) I thank you for all these years of trading our books for your cash, and I know you can easily spend it elsewhere! --

Good day!  First, let me say that it is a pleasure to look for books, on your site. It is well organized and user-friendly. This is, quite often, not the case, so I felt it worthy of mention. -- E.B.  UK

This is a birthday gift for my little brother. He is an absolute climbing nut. Thanks for having such a cool item. [Signed Piton] --  A.J.  WA

Appreciate you and all you do for the mountaineering community. -- L.C.  WA  2021

I believe that I have done business with you for about a decade. You have always been wonderful to work with. Between the great volumes that I have added to my own library and the many signed ice axes that I've obtained through you to auction at Explorers Club events, you have made many people happy. -- D.D.  CA  2021

Greetings,  Michčle just received the latest order from you, in perfect condition. We greatly appreciate the care you take in wrapping the packages. Thank you. --B.D. ME  2021 Year 2 of the pandemic.

Community gossip / trivia note for Michael: Conrad Anker and I were 10th grade classmates at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, 1978-79. In the spring of 1979 I took Conrad up to a crumbling, red sandstone cliff about 20 feet high, above the school, and set a top rope. That is where Conrad did his first technical climbing. We talked on the phone last Saturday. I couldn't be more pleased with the new Reel Rock film Conrad is in: Black Ice. HIGHLY recommended, if you haven't already seen it. -- E.S. CO (Dec 2020 during the Pandemic)

Thank you so much Michael Chessler for making these things available. Long time customer since 1989 or so. We met in Bishop at the Climbing Festival shortly after Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara passed away in the airplane crash :_ I was looking though your books and Jim Bridwell came over to look too. I think he was interested in the book I was looking at. Lol. I just want to say thank you for being such an important part and niche of the world wide climbing/mountaineering community. I really appreciate your work in preserving this climbing/mountaineering/exploring history. Sincerely PS, Michael Chessler can I have your autograph and a short note to me on the receipt? I would really appreciate that.  --G.S. CA (8/20 during the Pandemic)

Hello Michael,  The book arrived in good order. I appreciate the care you took packing it. This was one of the first climbing books to really inspire me, back when I was a freshman chump in college, in the good old days. [Signed Everest book from 1965] Thanks. Take care.    -- G.F. CO  [During the 2020 Pandemic]

You are a 'Natural' for telling a story. You have plenty of material to write a memoir of your connection to books and years as a bookseller. Yes, I made a few passes through the list. Leonard Cohen has a great song 'Closing Time'. That was at play a bit, as I was going to be off the grid for 10 days and decided 'What the Hell.' I drove to Pinedale WY today  for a week of hiking in the Winds. I'm 71 and 'Closing Time' could be tomorrow, so I've decided to enjoy a few good books  while I can.  Cheers..  -- B.S. MT (During the 2020 pandemic)

Michael, I received an order I made a couple weeks ago (or less) and appreciate your kindness. Thank you for the book Everest Canada!  I completed an order Saturday, and again today...feel free to combine into one shipping.  Thank you Michael...I appreciate the opportunity to purchase great books about mountaineering.  Warm Regards, -- M.A. ID  (During the 2020 Pandemic)

Hi Michael Its the same price to order the Sharon Wood book from you as it is from Amazon as you have lowered your price, and I would much rather buy from you than them. cheers.  -- P.A. Canada [Earlier I told him to buy it from Amazon because it was cheaper]     (During the 2020 Pandemic)

Stay well, the World needs you. -- S.U.  PA (During the 2020 Pandemic)

Thank you, Michael. I hope all is going well for you and yours. BTW: In answer to your question about who is doing this work, no one is doing this great work [Great new info on climbing on Wikipedia]. Not like you. You are singular, and nothing compares to what your tenacity and passions bring -- we deeply appreciative folks out here! Many folks wish that their life's work helped others and history. This type of meaningful contribution should not be so hard, but it is amazingly hard, especially in our digital societies. Even though at times it probably feels like a continuous slog, what you have done, and will always do, for the world's histories of altitude dreaming and endeavor is priceless. You are the kind of eccentric, driven unique, force, of which our world needs more. Without your herculean efforts, we would not have these analogue treasures of the human spirit, which sometimes climb beyond aggrandizement to the pure horror and wonder of it all. I may not be able to afford much of your incredible collection, but I appreciate every hard-earned moment that allows you to preserve them and bring them to light.Thank you. Best regards, --  W.K.  CO  [I like that word [herculean], but cannot remember ever hearing it spoken. Is it pronounced Her-ku-LEE-an or Her-KYOUL-ee-an?] 


I've been climbing for ~12 years and just found this site? A total shame! I'll be copying the link into birthday/holiday lists for loved ones for a long time to come.Excited to have a little piece of memorabilia [Signed Piton] from a tradition of risk-wise, disciplined and dedicated climbers. -- C.H.  CO

Ebay Comments: 

Great stuff.! Fast delivery.! Cannot be beat!  Ebay

Good item, good price, thank you!  Ebay

Items as described and well packaged. Good communication.  Ebay

Thank you, wonderful book and transaction .A+  Ebay


Friendly, knowledgeable. Small vendor with big service!  Ebay

Awesome seller/accurate item description/perfect packaging/fast shipping! AAA+++  Ebay

Hi Mike, I am wondering if you sold all your books yet and have retired to some tropical island.  I am not close to that tropical island as I am still working.

Good evening, Thank you... for a stellar packing job to protect these books during shipment. I'm really looking forward to adding them to my collection. Best,-- C.S. WA

I have been to Portland twice this year to climb Mount Hood and Mount Adams.  While in Portland I stopped at Powell's Bookstore which I am sure you are familiar with and probably have even been there back in the day.  They have a big selection on mountaineering books for a used bookstore but nowhere near what Chessler Books has.  So while they may be the world's largest used bookstore, Chessler Books is far ahead as the world's largest mountaineering bookstore.  Thought you might like to know that. J.K. CO   2019

Michael - you keep coming up with books I have to buy! Thank you. -- D.B. ME  2019

Hello There Michael - I hope that all is going well for you and, like me, you are gearing up for another great Summer! I have really enjoyed the last set of books that you sent to me - each and every one of them has been a fantastic read! And Thank You for continuing to Email your book lists to me - I'm always looking forward to what I might find on the next one! All my very best regards to You and Yours, -- D.S.  CA  2019

Thanks as ever, Michael you continue to inspire and incentivize me during these rebuilding years. Can't express my gratitude enough, brother. Keep on rockin', dude! -- T.H.  SC  2019

Thanks Mike, I have been buying books from you since the late nineties, I'm sad to know that the climbing overseer is retiring, Thanks for providing the opportunity to pass down the legacy and stories for all these years, my climbing library contains many signed first editions which you made possible.  --  K.H.  CO  2019

Hi Mike,  Just to let you know that the books arrived safely. I'm amazed by the great condition of all the books. You truly made my day!  Thank you and Merry Christmas! --H.S.  CA

Wow great book edited by Dr. John West. I've met him here in San Diego, where he's retired from UC San Diego a true legend. I'm going to ask him to consult with me as I proceed to start climbing again after my double lung transplant at UCSD in July of 2017. When I meet him again, I'll bring this book for him to inscribe for me He'll get a kick out of that! Thanks Michael for yet another treasure from your vast treasure trove of classics and collectible mountaineering books. Have a wonderful and successful Holiday Season! --  D.D. CA

Thanks for your service, Michael! Can't adequately express how much Chessler Books has kept my interest in climbing, mountaineering, and life at a great level. Blessings, and have a wonderful Veteran's day, brother! -- T,H,  SC

Thank you to Mr. Chessler for all his years of service to this industry and for helping me meet Sir Ed before he passed away.   -- S.H.  ID

Thank You Michael - I'm really enjoying each and every one of the books that you are sending to me - and Thank You also for the OUTSTANDING packaging job that you have done with each of my last orders - I greatly appreciate your efforts! With my respect and my very best regards,  -- D.S.  -- CA

Love your site and my first order that was originally delayed has arrived very happy to have found your site.  Big Thank you  -- G.S. Canada (3 months delivery!)

Michael, Boy, are you ever cleaning out your inventory. Good luck. --  TT, Pa  2018

Google+    Vanessa O'Brien   Jun 10, 2015  Just want to shout about this amazing  bookstore … run by Michael Chessler - his inventory is incredible

I have purchased books from this shop on several occasions.  When I have had occasion to discuss my purchases by phone with Mr. Chessler, he has been most knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject and gracious with his time.  My purchases have all been reasonably priced, all have arrived in the condition advertised or better, and all have been well-packed.  His selection is encyclopedic.  I recommend him highly. Yelp 2016

I recently ordered a somewhat obscure Mt Kenya topo map using Chessler Books' online sales (I'm not sure they even have a retail store).  The map shipped and arrived promptly, much more than I can say for the guidebook I ordered from Amazon's marketplace.  They aren't the cheapest place to buy books, but for rare items, like climbing books autographed by the legends of the sport, they've got the corner on the market.  Yelp   2010

I've been collecting mountain and travel books for a long time, and have always found you have a unique product out there in the market.  You'll leave a real legacy Mike with those of us who collected these books. Getting them signed was such a great idea, I know it made it much more personal for me.  -- B.P. Canada 2018

I got the autographed ice axe. Beautiful! Thanks! --  T.D.  VA  2018

Bought a Nice Ed Hillary ice axe from you and it is on my wall. Thanks. -- W.K. Auckland NZ  2018

Michael, I received the last of my recent orders today and just wanted to say thank you...for the great books and also for the kind gift of Mountain Light Postcards...i appreciate it.  I was in Bishop CA this August, quick climb on Mt Whitney... but Galen Rowell country... the gift was a pleasant reminder of Rowell's great work and beautiful country.  Thanks.  --MA  ID  2018 

This mail to confirm I have well received my order : no problem, and very fast. Thank you very much. My best wishes for the new year.  -- DK  France  2018

Good to be back! Have missed you for at least 15 years now! Now at 52, I am training to climb high level again, and using these DVDs and such to restoke the fires! Many thanks for still being around. You are the BEST in the world! -- TH WV

Thank you for always being so efficient with our orders and informing us of your inventory! -- GF  Canada

Dear Mike, Many thanks for the two beautiful books which have arrived safely today in fine condition. I'm looking forward to an interesting and inspiring read. I thank you for your continuing excellent service and hope this finds you in good health.  -- RG  UK

Dear Michael, The Young Savages arrived and I am delighted in every way. The book is exactly what I would have chosen if I had any expertise at all in the subject matter.  Thank you for your expert guidance. It is good to know there are still booksellers like you. Sincerely,  --L.B. VT

Thanks as always, Michael. Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season, and in the New Year. Be well, brother! --TH  SC

Hi Mike, Per our phone conversation on Wednesday you mentioned I should request a fine copy if you have one. Thanks for another great order at very nice prices, and have an excellent holiday. Much appreciated, -- EJ  WA

I just wanted to quickly thank you for HIMALAYAN QUEST : The German Expeditions to Siniolchum and Nanga Parbat by Paul Bauer.  Splendid book and one I hadn’t known about. This one stays in my personal library. Thanks again, -- T.M.  CA

Thanks, Michael and all at Chessler Books! What a wonderful surprise to walk home from grocery shopping to find my DVDs had arrived today. Cannot adequately describe the peace I felt nor ensuing deep enjoyment of viewing Disciples of Gill. Stunning in the footage and music. Seeing my eternal heroes of the rock mature with immense dignity has given this aging and broken-hearted climber (lost my lady love to cancer last year) renewed solace. Perfect; I am tremendously grateful.  --  T.H.  SC

Please hang onto the books for today, I will race over the border and sort out the address this afternoon. I will send you the info this afternoon or evening. The worst problem with shipping to Canada now is it takes months for the packages to arrive.  --  -- P.A. Canada

You are the best! Thanks for everything!  --  J.M. AZ

I was extremely interested to get your report on your life, times, and survival as a book seller. Bravo! All the best, Michael. --  E.F. HI

Thanks so much! I had to dig to find this book for the rock that is in my back yard! -- M.H.  CA

These two emails from yesterday are exactly why ordering books by email rather than just on-line is much more satisfying. I guess if I was simply after the books themselves on-line would do the job but it’s the little extra bits of info that make the transaction. You mention ephemera. If I see climbing (or related) books in an ‘old’ bookshop I always check to see what’s inside. It’s those little extra bits that make a find. Newspaper clipping, note from a friend, ticket to a talk, etc.. . Sometimes this is significantly more important than the book itself as it creates a context and history. I consciously add such items to my books with the next browser/owner in mind. It’s these bits that are the one-offs that make a find sometimes creating an unexpected turn in the provenance for the book.  You have earned yourself a privileged position through years of work. It must be very satisfying to be contacted by individuals with such collections and have the opportunity to talk with owners and get to examine these treasures.   I am still drooling over your many recent offers knowing that they have probably gone but just seeing many of them in a ‘catalogue’ is fascinating. Keep up the good work.  --  FR  NZ

Thanks, Michael. Even if only in minuscule amounts, I always wish to buy something from your latest offerings.-- E.F.  HI

Great selection (and prices), Michael! best, --  L.K.  NY

Thanks, Michael. Have changed addresses since last ordering. Wonderful pictures on site of absolute legends. Thanks for all you do, brother. You are a true inspiration. Keep up the marvelous work.  -- T.H. SC

Hi Michael! Love your sales!I just came across my stash of your catalogs that go back to the early 1990's (possibly late 1980's)...treasures all! Cheers -- A.Z. CA

Thanks again for everything! Its always a treat getting these packages. I hope you have a terrific weekend.-- J.M. AZ

Media mail is fine. You have some excellent books available (I have them), and your buyers will be so lucky to gain them at such reasonable prices. -- E.F. HI

Hello Mr. Chessler. Thank you very much. The item arrived today and is amazing! My son will absolutely love it! It is a sincere pleasure doing business with you! -- T.P. TN

I was glad to discover that Chessler Books is still going strong after 32 years! 20 years ago, in 1996, I sold you a whole stack of Mountain and Rock & Ice magazines, copies of which I see you are still offering, bless you!  --  J.R. MD