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Customer Feedback UPDATED 2018

I've been collecting mountain and travel books for a long time, and have alwaysfound you have a unique product out there in the market.  You'll leave areal legacy Mike with those of us who collected these books. Getting them signedwas such a great idea, I know it made it much more personal for me.  -- B.P.Canada 2018

I got the autographed ice axe. Beautiful! Thanks! --  T.D.  VA  2018

Bought a Nice Ed Hillary ice axe from you and it is on my wall. Thanks. -- W.K. Auckland NZ  2018

Michael, I received the last of my recent orders today and just wanted to saythank you...for the great books and also for the kind gift of Mountain LightPostcards...i appreciate it.  I was in Bishop CA this August, quick climb on MtWhitney... but Galen Rowell country... the gift was a pleasant reminder of Rowell'sgreat work and beautiful country.  Thanks.  --MA  ID  2018 

This mail to confirm I have well received my order : no problem, and very fast.Thank you very much. My best wishes for the new year.  -- DK  France  2018

Good to be back! Have missed you for at least 15 years now! Now at 52, I amtraining to climb high level again, and using these DVDs and such to restoke thefires! Many thanks for still being around. You are the BEST in the world! -- TH WV

Thank you for always being so efficient with our orders and informing us of yourinventory! -- GF  Canada

Dear Mike, Many thanks for the two beautiful books which have arrived safelytoday in fine condition. I'm looking forward to an interesting and inspiring read. Ithank you for your continuing excellent service and hope this finds you in goodhealth.  --RG  UK

Dear Michael,  The Young Savages arrived and I am delighted in every way. Thebook is exactly what I would have chosen if I had any expertise at all in thesubject matter.  Thank you for your expert guidance. It is good to know there arestill booksellers like you. Sincerely,  --L.B. VT

Thanks as always, Michael. Wishing you and yours the very best this holidayseason, and in the New Year. Be well, brother! --TH  SC

Hi Mike,Per our phone conversation on Wednesday you mentioned I shouldrequest a fine copy if you have one.Thanks for another great order at very niceprices, and have an excellent holiday. Much appreciated, -- EJ  WA

I just wanted to quickly thank you for HIMALAYAN QUEST : The GermanExpeditions to Siniolchum and Nanga Parbat by Paul Bauer.  Splendid book andone I hadn’t known about. This one stays in my personal library. Thanksagain, -- T.M.  CA

Thanks, Michael and all at Chessler Books! What a wonderful surprise to walkhome from grocery shopping to find my DVDs had arrived today. Cannotadequately describe the peace I felt nor ensuing deep enjoyment ofviewing Disciples of Gill. Stunning in the footage and music. Seeing my eternalheroes of the rock mature with immense dignity has given this aging and broken-hearted climber (lost my lady love to cancer last year) renewed solace. Perfect; Iam tremendously grateful.  --  T.H.  SC

Please hang on to the books for today, I will race over the border and sort out theaddress this afternoon. I will send you the info this afternoon or evening. Theworst problem with shipping to Canada now is it takes months for the packages toarrive.  --  -- P.A. Canada

You are the best! Thanks for everything!  --  J.M. AZ

I was extremely interested to get your report on your life, times, and survival as abook seller. Bravo!All the best, Michael. --  E.F. HI

Thanks so much! I had to dig to find this book for the rock that is in my back yard! -- M.H.  CA

These two email from yesterday are exactly why ordering books by email rather thanjust on-line is much more satisfying. I guess if I was simply after the books themselveson-line would do the job but it’s the little extra bits of info that make the transaction. You mention ephemera. If I see climbing (or related) books in an ‘old’bookshop I always check to see what’s inside. It’s those little extra bits that make afind. Newspaper clipping, note from a friend, ticket to a talk, etc.. . Sometimes this issignificantly more important than the book itself as it creates a context and history. Iconsciously add such items to my books with the next browser/owner in mind. It’s thesebits that are the one-offs that make a find sometimes creating an unexpected turn inthe provenance for the book.  You have earned yourself a privileged position throughyears of work. It must be very satisfying to be contacted by individuals with suchcollections and have the opportunity to talk with owners and get to examine thesetreasures.   I am still drooling over your many recent offers knowing that theyhave probably gone but just seeing many of them in a ‘catalogue’ is fascinatingKeep up thegood work.  --  FR  NZ

Thanks, Michael. Even if only in minuscule amounts, I always wish to buysomething from your latest offerings.-- E.F.  HI

Great selection (and prices), Michael! best, --  L.K.  NY

Thanks, Michael. Have changed addresses since last ordering. Wonderfulpictures on site of absolute legends. Thanks for all you do, brother. You are a trueinspiration. Keep up the marvelous work.  -- T.H. SC

Hi Michael! Love your sales!I just came across my stash of your catalogs that goback to the early 1990's (possibly late 1980's)...treasures all! Cheers -- A.Z. CA

Thanks again for everything! Its always a treat getting these packages. I hope youhave a terrific weekend.-- J.M. AZ

Media mail is fine. You have some excellent books available (I have them), andyour buyers will be so lucky to gain them at such reasonable prices. -- E.F. HI

Hello Mr. Chessler. Thank you very much. The item arrived today and is amazing!My son will absolutely love it! It is a sincere pleasure doing business with you! -- T.P. TN

I was glad to discover that Chessler Books is still going strong, after 32 years! 20 years ago, in 1996, I sold you a whole stack of Mountain and Rock & Ice magazines, copies of which I see you are still offering, bless you!  --  J.R. MD